Copy price

  • The price for a single issue equals 50 EURO (211,25 zł).

In 2016 the promotional price of a single issue for Polish individuals will be applied, in a case of the subsidization of the Journal by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

  • Detailed conditions of Journal purchse by Authors
    Authors or Authorial teams or institutions representing them (if a separate agreement was not made by organisers of scientific conferences with the Publisher) buy 6 copies of the journal issue with each published full paper or 3 copies with each short paper or can buy interchangeably, after the previous settlement with the Publisher, a set of the journal issues adequately from the half or a quarter of a year during which their paper has been published. In such a case the Publisher does not give any discount on the purchase of the Journal, and the payment of a suitable fee conditions referring a paper for print. The purchase of the biggest number of Journal copies by paper Authors requires a separate agreement with the Publisher. In such a case on a basis of a separate agreement between the Publisher and Authors or Authorial teams or institutions representing them special discounts can be given if a fee is paid before referring a paper for print. If in the Journal chosen papers presented at important and/or sponsored by the WAMME conferences are published, organisers of those conferences on the basis of a separate agreement with the Publisher can buy at least 100 copies of the Journal at a regular price. On the basis of an agreement of the Publisher and a conference organiser special discounts can be made. Organisers of scientific conferences are invited for cooperation.The Organisers of international scientific conferences, which proceedings are published as the Special Issues of this Journal, on the basis of the separate agreement fix with the Publisher the price of a single copy and edition which buy for the conference delegates if the number of bought copies is not smaller than 200. Organisers of international scientific conferences are kindly invited to the cooperation.